Mount Mitchell is in the enviable position of having no commercial exposure, having been in use as a private home since it was completed in 1861. New owners, Kate and Simon Tol, have now opened up the grounds of the property and a number of the historic buildings to individuals and businesses who are interested in launching their products or hosting corporate events here in the Pyrenees. This outstanding historical Australian country estate lends itself to exposure of all manner of products including motor vehicles, fashion, food, books, art and design, just to name a few.

And in addition to a product launch, Mount Mitchell is an exclusive venue, perfect for corporate events. Corporate events for employees are an important part of building a strong and cohesive workplace and hosting an event out-of-house is a great way to both reward your staff as well as promote team building.

Mount Mitchell is one the premier corporate function venues in the Pyrenees region, situated amongst 10 acres of superb and productive gardens, lawns and historic buildings including the impressive Mount Mitchell homestead itself. Corporate groups might like to hold their end-of-year functions at Mount Mitchell. Families would certainly enjoy the open spaces and picturesque setting!

If you are looking for corporate venues located in country or rural areas, Mount Mitchell is the perfect choice. With a travel time under two hours from Melbourne to Lexton by road and less than 50 km from Ballarat, our high-end venue is easily accessible for a day trip or longer stay. If you need guests to attend your event in short time frames, consider using Microflite Helicopter Services, providing you with a 45-minute journey from central Melbourne to Mount Mitchell.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about hosting or attending an event at Mount Mitchell. Our expertise in management, personal attention to detail and selection of preferred suppliers, will create your Mount Mitchell story.

If you require Pyrenees accommodation during your event,  you may like to book the Mt Mitchell Cottage.